MMDVM ZUMspot Libre kit

Recently purchased a ZUMspot Libre kit from Bruce Given at, Kit comprises of a STM32F103 and a RF7021se and a “carrier” board.

I had the intention of building the board myself, but not being 100% confident in my soldering skills. I asked a friend of mine another local amateur to do the soldering for me(Thanks to Paul 2E0YSB)

The ZUMspot when used with a Raspberry Pi computer provides access to DMR, Dstar, YSF and P25 networks. providing you have the appropiate radios! I had a few issues getting the bit error rate stable on dmr and c4fm. but a few adjustments to the RX offset on the zumspot and everything is running smoothly. so far im very impressed with the device and have since stopped using all but one of my Dvmega devices!.


my Zumspot and rpi combo runs on Pi-star and works very well. Will go into pi-star in another post.


TYT MD-2017 update

Apologies, I should have posted this brief update a about a month ago. I received my TYT MD-2017 when the first batch arrived in the uk. the build quality was excellent. although I have heard reports of the sma connector snapping off. unfortunately my MD-2017 had a small fault down one side of the screen.











after getting in touch with adam at we arrange for the radio to be returned and a full refund issued.

soon after recieving my refund. I ordered the moonraker HT-500D, from I receieved the radio the next day fully programmed up and with my DMR id already added, all I had to do was switch it on and use it.

I highly recommend ordering from moonraker. they provide an excellent service and im confident they will honour the 2 year warranty..

DvMega MyDv dongle

Recently purchased another dvmega device. The MyDV Dongle

The unit consists of the ambe3000 board and a carrier board. The carrier board replaces the need for a Arduino Mega, making it easier to get onto DStar without having to mess around flashing firmware to an arduino(Not that it’s hard really!).

The device plugs into a pc via USB and using the BlueDV software enables access to the dstar reflector system. All using a standard pc microphone and the keyboard space bar and the part.

The unit performs very well and the audio quality is excellent.

Work is underway to provide DMR and fusion modes too.. but no date has been given for when DMR and Fusion support will be added.

The Carrier boards aren’t yet listed on the dvmega website here  but they are available to purchase from Karl M0KSP via


*UPDATE* DMR is also now supported but fusion is still to be added.

MYDV Update

Just a little update to the MyDV from Dvmega, I’ve now made it into a nice small stand alone unit. its consists of the mydv ambe3000 digital voice modem, an Arduino mega, LF audio board that provides audio out to a small 8watt speaker and audio in from a Yaesu mh-48 electret microphone. this then connects to a raspberry pi 2 which is running MMDVMHost and Ircddbgateway from G4KLX.

The two touch screens on the front are Nextion 2.4″ TFT. the one on the left provides information from MMDVM software, such as current mode ie DMR, Dstar. Callsigns etc. the screen on the right controls the mydv. allowing me to change mode, channel, talk group etc..

its not quite finished yet, I still need to add standoffs to properly secure the various PCB’s and also need to fit a 12V – 5V step down circuit for the raspberry pi.(the pi needs 5 volts and the LF audio board requires 12V

MYDV from Dvmega

Currently testing the MYDV from dvmega this consists of a Arduino mega, a DVMEGA AMBE 3000 and a nextion touch screen. The system will run on Bluedv for Windows and possibly MMDVMHOST too.

At the time of writing the MYDV capable of DMR & Dstar modes of operation. But work is in progress to allow this system to work on C4FM. Hopefully turning this into a good solid system that will allow access to all 3 digital modes, without needing a radio

So far it seems to work very well, but I’m looking forward to testing dmr and c4fm too

Currently only testing this whilst in the shack on an evening. If you hear me on, please come and say hello.
Paul M0XZT

TYT MD-2017

The long awaited release of the new dual band dmr HT is almost here. Pre-production samples have been shipped out to dealers, and stock is expected around the second week of June 2017

The new TYT MD-2017 Dual band dmr HT

TYT MD-2017

Here in the UK, has been appointed the sole UK stockist.

Videos courtesy of Adam from

TYT MD-2017 First qso 

TYT MD-2017 – Functionality demo

Hopefully this new radio from TYT will prove as popular as the well known MD-380