FT-991 Hardware Upgrade

Yaesu have finally released the hardware upgrade for the FT-991. There has been lots of rumours and speculations regarding the cost of upgrading the radio to the same spec as the newer FT-991A. 

Martyn Lynch and sons have now got the hardware upgrade listed on their website

The cost of the upgrade is a whooping £480! Personally I won’t be paying out to upgrade my 991 as the only real benefit would be the real time band scope. But for those interested can click here for more information 

2 thoughts on “FT-991 Hardware Upgrade

  1. Yeasu won’t be doing too many upgrades at £480+postage,I thought at the most it wud be around £100 all in.For That price I would have my 991 done

    • Completely agree with you Peter. Quite happy with my 991 as it is but if the upgrade was around the £100- £150 mark, I would have it done. Paul.

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