MYDV Testing

Currently testing the MYDV from dvmega this consists of a Arduino mega, a DVMEGA AMBE 3000 and a nextion touch screen. The system will run on Bluedv for Windows and possibly MMDVMHOST too.

At the time of writing the MYDV is only capable of D-Star operation. But work is in progress to allow this system to work on DMR and C4FM. Hopefully turning this into a good solid system that will allow access to all 3 digital modes, without needing a radio  

So far it seems to work very well, but I’m looking forward to testing dmr and c4fm too

Currently only testing this whilst in the shack on an evening. But through the day I’m using an id-51e plus. If you hear me on, please come and say hello.
Paul M0XZT 
*Edit* Brief Video of the system in use

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